keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 39

22.2....I letf the place at 8am, wery early. 27km to do for Kemi. The road E75,in some part, change to a motorway. I have to take a smaller road. First, I did not see the sign, and I walk 7km on the motorway. Some cars were not happy.
After 10 km, a restaurant. Closed. 10km more, and finally a petrol station, Neste. I stop there for a cafe, and send a message to Mona , that Im allmost there. we decide to meet at 4pm at Hemingway bar. I arrive in Kemi at 3pm, and went around the city. Mona arrive at the bar, and big hug. Finally I'm in Kemi. It's about the middle of the all trip to Nordkapp. I'm going to stay there for few days. Actally, I'm wayting a good friend, Kirsi, from Helsinki, hwo come walking with me for few days.

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