perjantai 12. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 24

7.2. .....7am , The farmers Pentti and Anneli are already milking the cows. after breackfast, Pentti drove me back on the road. He give me also a new pare of gloves, because yesterday, I loose one. 22 km to do to Pyhäjärvi. Timo Ylikangas; Katrina Ylikangas and Rainer Kyyrönen came to pick me up at the ABC station and bring me to Rainer house, where I'm going to spend the night. Rainer, 78 years old, is also blind. We went also to visit the copper mine, wich one is 1500 meters. A journalist from the local news paper came to join us, and we have a long talk...We drink some cognac with Rainer, and we start talking. He have been travelling too for many years, in 30 countrys. He is wery well known in this part of Finland. I forget to tell you that Rainer dont speack english, and I dont speack finn. But we had good fun Ha Ha Ha !!!

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