sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 31

14.2. Today it's the day I'm going to a big city. Oulu. It's on the west coast. After the breacfast , I leave the house where I spend a nice evening, relaxing.. It's still nice weather. Sunny, no wind but - 18. 14 km to Oulu. For the first time, I dont have to walk on the the road. From Kempele to Oulu, there is a walking path. I arrive in Oullu at 12.30, and went to the city center, and then by the sea, where there is a Sami festival, with reinder race, traditional costumes,..and more. I'm staying in Oulo by friends of my friend in Helsinki. Munir. I will stay 2 days in Oulu, some pictures will come latter.

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