sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 28

11.2....Up at 6am, breacfast...Eero suggest that is beter for me that he drive me to the petrol station, while waiting the day light. It's night at 7am. I accepted, so he drive me 10km north, it's 10km I didn't do. Sorry. -15 , wind and snow...bad weather. Wery difficult to walk. The side road is full of snow. For the second time , I have probleme with my right leg. I dont know what's happen. I have to stop for a while. I maneged to do the 25km to go to the B&B, run by Marika and Hannu Rosenberg. They give me for the night a wery nice and big cottage. Latter on Mattila Veikko bring me a basket with food. I had a sauna on my own, cook food, watch tv, relax. ....

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