keskiviikko 3. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 18

1.2. Wake up at 6.30am, because Erkki have to bring me back on the road 75- 4,
at the ABC petrol station, and start walking at 9am. The day before, the familly Piesala phone me to tell me they are ok to give me a night in their house. I walk 26 km, bit wind and not too cold. -10 Maisa Piesala pick me up in the middle of no where at 4pm. She drove 80km . Incroyable!!! Ari, Maisa, Milla Piesala give me a wery warm welcome. And also the dog Sony.
I got help also from Mirja Kriivarinmäki ( 20E) Had a very good dinner with reinder meet.

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