lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 21

4.2. Up early, Petri drive me backat the ABC station. I wait a bit that the day light shows up to start walking.
The next place will be Löytänä, a little tiny village on the side of the road. Only 19 km to do. In beetween there
is a restaurant and hotel named Wiikin Kartano, where I stop for a small lunch offert by the house.
I talk with the owner, Mervi Somero, that I have to meet my next host, Johanna Holm at Löytänä at 6 pm.
The probleme was that I have to walk in the dark. It's wery dangerous. I decide to ask to Mervi if it's not a probleme
for her to sponsor me for the night. She accepted. Thank you Mervi. So I had a long hours to rest. I needed it, really.
The only probleme , it's the next day is going to be long. NO PROBLEME.

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