keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 37

20.2....Early up , I prepare the cafe and porridge for every body, and at 8.30, I took the road by -30. 25km to do. In beetween there is a petrol station, 15km, and I arrive there after 3and half hours walking. Very, very cold. Just before arriving at the station, a man in a van horn me . He came to talk with me , and at the station he offert me a cake and a cafe. I explain him that I'm going to Northcap on foot, and he wanted to bring me up to Rovaniemi. Nice offer, but I refuse. Thanks . We talk for a while, and the man, Kalle Uotila give me few contacts further north. He give me also 10 Euro for the road. Back on the road, 10km to do before the camp site. Still -25 .I arrive there with my froozen moustache, and Jouni Aike welcome me. Actually it's a big place, Restaurant, bar ,dancing hall, camping, Merihelmi. Jouni give me a key of a 2 bedroom appartment, with sauna. Nice sun set by the froozen see. I have a nice buffet diner, ans after sauna went to bed.

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