lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 20

3.2. after said Bye Bye to Leena and rosa the dog, her husband Vilho Polari drive me back to Ninicafe. Today, only 20 km to do. Easy. An arrangement have been made for the next night. The familly Manninen. It's a bowring road, nothing to see. Only snow and trees. Last year at the same time of the year, it was the same, only water and trees. But it wason the Amazone riverin Brazil. After the walk of the day, Maija Manninen cameto ABC petrol station at Viitasaari to pick me up,
and we went to her place.She introduce me to all the familly, her husband Petri, and their 3 chilrens: Emmi, Otto ,and Elina. Great familly, all musiciens. The oldre daughter, Emmi, is in the national level competition of pole vault. Congratulation. During the evening, Petri arrange the place where to sleep for the 2 next days.Thank you Petri.

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  1. Some ideast what is ahead towards Nordkapp.In the summer-time though.