perjantai 12. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 25

8.2. At 5.30 am, Rainer came to wake me up to tell me that his friend will come to pick me at 7.15am, to bring me back to the road. Rainer, even is blind, he prepare a very good breakfast with porridge.... To go to Karsamaki, it's 34km. It's to long for one day. Plus, it's snowing. So , I decide to stop in the middle way, where there is a mottel, The NUTTULINNA Motel. Mitro Luomajoki, Seija and Toivo Koski-Viitajoki, knew I was passing by today, and were OK to sponsor me one night at the Mottel. Very bad day to walk. Rainy snow, wind and only -1. I have to much clothes on me , and I'm sweating and smelling like a pig....

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