sunnuntai 25. huhtikuuta 2010


As you see, every thing is possible, just be honnest on what you are doing. It have been possible only with the help of the peoples on the road. The Finns are very hospitable, they just dont want to show it.... In north part of Norway, it have been very difficult to get contact with the Norwaygien as they are very skeptical. Thanks you very much to all.....Now, the road is yours.

DAY 101

24/4....The last day. Only 13km to go. Two days ago, I've ask to Arnt from Sarnes if he wants to join me for the last part of the walh. He says yes.
We arrange an apointment on the road at the junction Skarsvåg/ Nordkapp, and at 9.30am, we start walking. Very cloudy, windy. Further up, strong wind, snow and ice.
Temperature is minus 5. Difficult walk. Some time the wind is so strong that we had to turn around and walk back ward.
And the road is going up and up... after 3 hours struggle with the wing, we arrive at the sign which one said you have to pay 215NoK to enter the site.
When we arrive at the building, of course the staff ask for money. I explain to them the storry, and after few minutes, we got a nice and warm welcome.
Vytautas, Silje and Rima invite us for a cafe and a nice cake. They invite us to see the moovie of the Northcap island, very nice pictures of the lsland around the year,
the midnight sun and the northen light. It was few tourist there from Germany.
That was the best day of this walk. I enjoy so much the struggle with the wind . Finally I'm there, difficult to realise that is finish.
The germans tourist bring us back down with their car. It's over.

DAY 100

23/4......Up at 5.30am, because Arnt have to go to work and before that he will bring me back to the road.
I start walkin with a little wind and very cloudy. The road is going up now, and and the wind is become stonger and stronger.
During those 20 km to the village, the weather change...snow storm with ice....difficult to walk. Good struggle
I arrive in the village at aroud 1pm and phone to my last host, jolanda. She explain me that it's not possible for her to come back in
the village today, and told me to contact an othe person in the village; Heidi , hwo is taking care of a little shop, The Chrismas house.
I meet Heidi, and explain the thing and she phone to Jolanda. At the end, Heidi bring me to the house of Jolanda, the door was open, and
I could stay there for the nigh, alone. But, I was not alone. A cat is leaving there. So Mister cat was my host for the last night.
Very cleaver cat. He jump every where, follow me everywhere, he could open all the door...
For the night, I decide to lock me in one room, but the cat wake me up few time by trying to open the door. Terrible night.

DAY 99

22/ I dont move. I'll stay at Arnt house , sending update for the blog for the blog.
Nice relaxe day. I have still 2 days to walk to Nordkapp. Next stop will be at Skarsvåg.
Spending time watching througt the window the little island I would like to leave.
Nice evening with nice food and beersss...

torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 98

21/4....6.30...Ole was up allready at 4am. The sun start to come up at around 3am. Few cafe, little food and Ole drive me back on the road. The tunnel is 3km down and 4km up. 9%.
He took me 1h25mn to cross it. It's nice to go out. After 3 more tunnels and 15km I arrive at Honningvåg village. Big fishing village. I call my next host, Arnt Egil Skansen, and went to pick me up at 4.30pm. We went to his hous , actually i pass it on the way, 10km back. Sarnes is a very little place by the sea. Few houses smalll fjord and a small island with a strange shape.
Actually, Arnt do the coach surfing. Nice person and interesting. We have nice talk and beers and Tipical dinner.

DAY 97

20/4...I start at 7.30. Nice sun shine, blue sky and montain and the sea of course. I was alone allmost all day. I had a siesta by the sea, getting sun burn.
At 3pm I phone Ole, and he send his friend to pick me up. I was just at the entrance of the tunnel under the sea, witch one I'm going to cross tomorrow.
Back to Repvåg, I had a cafe with all: Ole Martin Nilsen, Hans Eric Garlhardsen Jan Aaga and Winny Schimnel. For dinner, we eat the stone bit fish we got yesterday with the crabs
I went to bed early, my legs are very kapput

DAY 96

19/4....Eli open the cafe bus stop at 8am. She talk to the driver of the bus hwo is going to north, and the driver agree to stop at the place where I stop
yesterday. Free of charge, of course. Thanks. Then I started walkink, very nice day again, warm. Next stop it's Repvåg, alittle fishing village, 3km off road.
When I arrive allmost there, I phone to the owner of the place, and she told me to come down in the village. Fantastique place. A dream place.
It's a old fishing factory transforme in a hotell, restaurant and fishing facility. She give me a small room, and i meet the peoples hwo work here.
I help for a while Ole to fix his boat. later, he offert me to come with his to pick up the King crabs. very nice feeling in that place.
The distance beetween Repvåg and Honningvag is 58km. Ole accept to do the yoyo system. Nice dinner with all the workers there.