keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 36

19/2...-30 this morning. It's start to be cold. Ari ask me to stay. I told him: No probleme, the cold is part of the challenge.
It's my travel compagnon. Ari give me 10 Euros before I leave. That was the coldest day , until now. Cold hands, cold feet,
I stop twice for a cigarette, I keep the lighter inside my glove...and I arrive in Ii center with icebergs on my moustache.
I phone to Jarmo Karppinen, my host for tonight. He have 2 kids , Viljami and Taavi. Jarmo is a Kinetherapeute, doing massage in the hospital. Of Ii. Good for me. We look at internet the road map for the next day. I dont have any more maps with me. Between Ii and Simo, it's about 50km. Too long for one day. We found out that there is a camp site in between. Jarmo phone to that place, and the guy said he will call back. After dinner, a call from Pentti to tell me that it's Ok for the camp site. Jarmo give a very good massage, he explain me that it's a probleme with the nerve sciatic. Let's see what's happen. After Sauna, I went to sleep. Very tired.

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