perjantai 12. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 26

9.2. I left the mottel at 8.30 am after few cafes and cigarettesssss. Minus 8, no wind and 17 km to do I arrive at Kärsämaki at noon time, and went to Neste station where Pekka Luukkonen was waiting for me. He offert me a nice lunch. I spend the afternoon visiting the village Later, I decide to empty my bag and to send things to Kemi. I'm carrying to much things I dont need, and people give me souvenirs too. My bag was 16kg. To much. I make a parcel, and went to the place where to sheep it by bus. Juha Karjalainen, the man in charge of the place sponsored the sendind of the parcel. Thanks a lot. I'm staying by Pekka and Armi Luukkonen, I have all my clothes washed, and now, I go to sauna...

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