keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 38

21.2....At 8am, I went for a good breackfast, and Teemu Korhonen , the man in charge of the Merihelmi camp site, came and help me to find a place for tonight. After few phone calls, He found a place at Simo village. It's 23km north. I took the road at 10am. -25. My leg hurts, so I have to take it easy.Blue sky but windy. After 14km, a small restaurant, where I eat a bit , relaxe my legs..coffe. I allmost fall in sleep. I arrive in Simo at 4pm. Very tired, almost no more energy. A persone was waiting for me, Aila Vengasaho, and bring me to a small appartment, nice and cosy.
I eat a sandwich, and went to bed.

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