lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 22

5.2. Early start, 8.30am, 28km to do, wind and snow, minus 5 only. Wery bowring road again. Maybe I will change road later. If I stay on that E75 4, it's because there is allways some one on that road, in case.....!!?? At 2pm, I arrive at Pihtipudas, where Pentti Ruotsalainen was waiting for me at Shell station. He introduce me right away to my next host, Pentti Hytönen and Anneli Simola, farmers, producing milk for cheese. 30 cows , plus many little one, at Elämäjärvi.
The both Pentti are Rotarian. I stay with Pentti Ruotsalainen at the cotage by the lac, I forget the name, he cooks a delicious meal in the owen,
Sauna, wine ,...ect.....

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