sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 29

12.2....I did sleep very well, my leg look Ok...I think I prepare my own breackfast after cafe and cigarettessss. Through the wind it's look like a wery good weather. The top of the trees are not moving. Before leaving the place , I went to say Bye Bye to my host, And Marika told me that they found a familly for the next night. It's 31km away. 16 to Rantsila, and 15 to the next place in the middle of nowhere. I got the description of the house that I have to find. At Rantsila, I stopped for a tea and a cake with was offert by the owners. From there, afert 3 hours walking, I startted to look carefully to find the house. And I found it. First, 2 nice dogs from Lappland welcome me, and then my hosts, Anita and Seppo Junttila. Samppa the son and his girlfriend Tina join us. There also a big red cat. It's a little farm, cows, very nice big house, Anita is very busy preparing the dinner. Seppo take care of the meat. It will be a Elk pot. with real mash potatoes, salad and the famous redberrys, witch one you pick up in Automne. Fantastic dinner and nice talk .

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