keskiviikko 3. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 19

2.2. ..Maisa drive me back on the road 75 -4, 80km away from the house, and I start walking at 9.30am. Snow all the day and wind. wery hard day. I had to go to Ninicafe, about 25 km to do. I have been invited by Marja and Reino for a lunch at that Ninicafe in Ninitahti. Leena Sandelin serve me a nice meal. Leena and Vilho Pollari, came to pick me up at the Ninicafe at 4pm. I had a tea with them the day before, when they found me some where on the road, and invite me for a tea. I had a wery nice sauna with a beer, relax time in that beautyful house, all made in very ancien wood from lappland. Elk meet ( steww ) for dinner, nice talk with glasses of wine, and them went to sleep

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