sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 27

10.2. ...Pekka told me not to leave early, because my next host will at home at 6pm. After breackfast, we drive around the village of Kärsämäki and went drink the last cafe before I start walking. It's -14, windy and snowing. At 10 am, I took the road and 23 km to do. I arrive at 3pm in that little village wich mark the middle point of Finland. Leskela. I arrive too early, so I have to wait. It's wery cold. My hands are frozen. I have problem to light a cigarette. After a while, a car approched me, and the person ask me if I'm french. I said yes, and she told me to jump in the car. Good!!! She told me that she was my next host. Her husband came later, so, I stayed by Anne and Eero Leskinen. We had good talk, sauna and beer, very good food. In the evening, Eero try to find me a place for the next night. We kool at the map, and 25km north, there is a B&B. Eero phone there, and it's ok. Early to bed, because my host are going to work at 7am. So I have to leave the house.

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