sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2010

DAY 30

13.2....7.30 went down for breackfast, -16, and an easy day to Ala Temmes. 15km to do. After 9am, I took the road by a sunny day but cold . I arrive at a small petrol station at 1pm, where I decide to contact my new host. The women told me that it was impossble for them to give a place, because they have a weiding party. They did not understand that I could have fun with them and sure, I was going to help them. Well, I phone to Seppo, and ask me if I was OK for 13km more. Well, I took the decision to do them. He phone to his cousin, and it's ok. 13km it's 3 hours more to walk up to Kempele. The weather is fine not. I arrive at the house at 4.30pm, and nice welcome from Vesa, Marion Junttila, the daugther Sophia and the little guy adopted from Philipine Arttu. A very good dinner, salmon, wine......after food a sauna, watching the olympics..but I'm very tired after those surprising 13km to do more.

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