sunnuntai 11. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 68

22/3...up at 6.30, Sarianna too, slwly preparing the bags. Went to the hotel Majatalo for the breacfast, sayed Bye Bye to roger Hesbeen the belge.
Heikki came to said bye bye, last visit to taisto, and finally we took the road.
OK weather. We have only 20km to do, to the little village of Leppejarvi.
After 3 days in Enontekio, meeting peoples, hard to be on the road again. At the first stop, Sarianna streapt off her clothes. Too hot..
We have few stop and few cigarettes. I decide to stop smoking, because in Norway is too expensive.
We arrive in that little village at 2pm, and our host , Tapio and Pirjo Hutunen, were waiting for us on the road. We walk together half km to their house.
Pirjo prepare the food, and we went visit the place outside with Tapio. He is building a snow castle for childrens. It have to be finish for the middle of April.
After the very exellent food, siesta time. After, I went with Tapio to continue to build the castle. Great fun. Sauna, and good night.

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