sunnuntai 25. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 101

24/4....The last day. Only 13km to go. Two days ago, I've ask to Arnt from Sarnes if he wants to join me for the last part of the walh. He says yes.
We arrange an apointment on the road at the junction Skarsvåg/ Nordkapp, and at 9.30am, we start walking. Very cloudy, windy. Further up, strong wind, snow and ice.
Temperature is minus 5. Difficult walk. Some time the wind is so strong that we had to turn around and walk back ward.
And the road is going up and up... after 3 hours struggle with the wing, we arrive at the sign which one said you have to pay 215NoK to enter the site.
When we arrive at the building, of course the staff ask for money. I explain to them the storry, and after few minutes, we got a nice and warm welcome.
Vytautas, Silje and Rima invite us for a cafe and a nice cake. They invite us to see the moovie of the Northcap island, very nice pictures of the lsland around the year,
the midnight sun and the northen light. It was few tourist there from Germany.
That was the best day of this walk. I enjoy so much the struggle with the wind . Finally I'm there, difficult to realise that is finish.
The germans tourist bring us back down with their car. It's over.

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