torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 88

11/4...Up early, I took the road after breacfast with half bag. Hard road, nice landscape and nice weather. In the afternoon, I call Magnus to pick me up. 30km done.
Back to the camping. On the way, we stop at the petrol station where I bought some cafe, spaguetty and chocolate. That will do for the dinner and breacfast.
Meet the boss of the camping, Silje Halonen, ( Magnus is the owner). I got a message from anu hwo give me a contact number to her friend Vigdis.
She will come to the camping to meet me. I met her with her 3 friends from the organisation" Friends of the earth " !!???
Vigdis told me she have contact further north, and she will contact me later. After dinner and sauna went to bed.

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