torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

DAYS 71-83

From 25/ 6/4... Kautokeino time
Sarriana and I move to the house of Anita Smidt and Peter Rust. We meet Maaren Palisma at the
new Sami school, and Maaren sponsored my new sim card and credit for the phone. During the Easter time in Kautokeino many things happens.
Confimation, concerts, Sami song contest and film festival. We applied to be vonlonters for those events.
On the Confirmation day, Sarianna and I were invite in a familly, Kaisa and Nils Helander, and also to help little bit in the kitchen. we spend a very nice day.
Anu Forselius and her boy friend Johny arrive at Peter and Anita's place too. They are old friends of us from 82 to 86, while I was working in Kautokeino.
We were working all at the same place: Julhs Silver Gallery. I did pay a visit at that place, and nothing change. I stay 2 hours there, but that was enought.
The film festival call me, and I went to help for few hours. It was to load DVD for an afternoon show. Old moovies from the Sami culture.
Very interesting show. That day, on the31/3 Sarianna decide to go back to Finland because of her knees.
Few days doing really nothing, playing cards, cooking and telling storys..Very relax time
But, I have to continue the road. 3 days before the Tuesday 6/4( date wich one I decide to start walking again) I start to prepare my self and looking
for new contacts. Well, it's look like the Sami people are busy too. I meet also Gerlinde Tiesen, an old friend from the old time,
and we were talking about the road. She offert me to pick me off the road and to bring me back to Kautokeino for sleep.
Gerlinde give me some money for the road(400Nkr) During that time in Kautokeino we had nice evenings. Talking and drinking beers
The last evening in the house of Peter and Anita, we had a little fiesta, very good dinner with a special ice cream from Switzerland,
with snaps also from Switzerlad, Poire William. Thanks to all. Bye Bye Kautokeino.

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