sunnuntai 25. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 100

23/4......Up at 5.30am, because Arnt have to go to work and before that he will bring me back to the road.
I start walkin with a little wind and very cloudy. The road is going up now, and and the wind is become stonger and stronger.
During those 20 km to the village, the weather change...snow storm with ice....difficult to walk. Good struggle
I arrive in the village at aroud 1pm and phone to my last host, jolanda. She explain me that it's not possible for her to come back in
the village today, and told me to contact an othe person in the village; Heidi , hwo is taking care of a little shop, The Chrismas house.
I meet Heidi, and explain the thing and she phone to Jolanda. At the end, Heidi bring me to the house of Jolanda, the door was open, and
I could stay there for the nigh, alone. But, I was not alone. A cat is leaving there. So Mister cat was my host for the last night.
Very cleaver cat. He jump every where, follow me everywhere, he could open all the door...
For the night, I decide to lock me in one room, but the cat wake me up few time by trying to open the door. Terrible night.

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