torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 89

12/4...At 9.30, Magnus drive me back on the yoyo road. 22km to do to Skoganvarre camping Very nice road. Up and down. A long down hill bring you to a nice valley.
I dont like to go down because it's hurt to much my knees. Well, at 2.30pm I arrive at Skoganvarre tourist and camping, run by a finnish man: Markku Sillantaus. The cook and handy man is Jorma Hevonkoski. Jorma is a photographer also. and the camping www. .Markku give me a key of a cabine, and I offert to do some work if he need. He told me Ok. We went under a big cabine to take away a big pile of ice made by a water pipe witha hole. We took all the ice, like that he can fix it.
I got wery good dinner. Later on , a group of fishermman from finland arrive. They will stay here for a week. I talk to the cook, and it will be Ok if I stay one more day for help in the kitchen.

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