torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 86

9/4...after 3 days yoyo, Anita have to drive 90km to bring me back on the road. -7 and fogg. An hour after I started walking, surprise!!
I arrive at Jerggul Astu, a camp with cabine, restaurant and lot of activities. I talk with the boss, John Edvin Holmestrand, and told him that it's too early to stop walking.
I explain him the yoyo system and he sayed OK. So, I continue the road for an other 15km, and at 4pm, John came to pickme up.
I meet Liv Eli Holmestrand . The place it's run by the familly. Liv Eli phone to a place in Karasjok, my next stop. Every thing is ok.
I had agood dinner, a Sami speciality with reinder meet. Very good. 2 groups of snowmobil stop at the place, about 20 peoples
Start to be noisy here, the norvegiens have a party . Went to bed in my little cabine.

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