torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 92

15/4....Today , I have 21km to do to the camping in Stabburnes. I went on the road, up and down, and I reach the fjord. Open sea and seaggul
were singing for me. About 2 km before Stabburnes, a guy stop with his car, open the window, say hello, and just give me a key. And then he went.
It was a key of a cabine in the camping. I arrive there, and have a siesta. . After, I went to the museumin the national park. I talk with Tove Persen. She give me a maps book of Finnmark. I need it, because since Norway, I did not have a detail map of the road.
The boss of the camping, Geir Aarskog, came in the evening, we have a talk about life, ...and he prepare the dinner. After food, he offert me wine, and then we talk up to 1am, and finish 3 liters of wine. Exellent.

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