torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 87

10/4...breacfast at 9, i make some sandwich for the road. John Edvin put me back on the yoyo road. 23km to do for the next place.
Difficlt walk. The weather change. Allways on the + side. Warm. The snow melt. Since yesterday , pinestrees appears and the white trees are taller. For 2 weeks, I did not see a green tree.
I'm sweating alot. My leggs very heavy. Many stop, many cigarettes. I arrive at Karasjok camping at 3pm. MagnusHalonen welcome me and show a place where I can sleep. It's a big cabine house, with all the facilitys. went to the villge shopping some food, meet other peoples there. Back to the camping, italk with Magnus about a place to next village 50km away.
He is Ok to do the yoyo. Went to bed early.

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