torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 96

19/4....Eli open the cafe bus stop at 8am. She talk to the driver of the bus hwo is going to north, and the driver agree to stop at the place where I stop
yesterday. Free of charge, of course. Thanks. Then I started walkink, very nice day again, warm. Next stop it's Repvåg, alittle fishing village, 3km off road.
When I arrive allmost there, I phone to the owner of the place, and she told me to come down in the village. Fantastique place. A dream place.
It's a old fishing factory transforme in a hotell, restaurant and fishing facility. She give me a small room, and i meet the peoples hwo work here.
I help for a while Ole to fix his boat. later, he offert me to come with his to pick up the King crabs. very nice feeling in that place.
The distance beetween Repvåg and Honningvag is 58km. Ole accept to do the yoyo system. Nice dinner with all the workers there.

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