sunnuntai 11. huhtikuuta 2010

DAY 69

23/ we will arrive in Norway. Big hug to our last host in Finland. Not to cold,-10, and little wind from the north.
20km to the border, and 10 more to one little village. Bit hard today for Sarianna, for me too. The km are long today.
At the border, no probleme. The land scape change quickly. No more pine trees. Only those withe trees, small.
After the border, 10km more to the village of Aidejarre. When we arrive there, there was nobody. We meet an old man hwo offert us to bring us to Kautokeino. We accept.
The thing is we have to find a car tomorrow hwo will bring us back to the same point.
In Kautokeino we phone to Sara Victoria, hwo give us a place to stay for two nights. Thank you.
The same evening, we meet some old friends, Anita and Peter, whith whom we spend time , remenbering the old time and drinking few beers.

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