lauantai 13. maaliskuuta 2010


Hi people! This is Kirsi writing. I'm an old friend of Alains from the Kautokeino-time. I was visiting my daughter Mona in Kemi at the same time that Alain was there, so I decided to walk with him for couple days. I walked with Alain from Kemi to Karunki and it took 3 days.
The first day was maybe the hardest, because we started with the easy 25km from Kemi to Tornio. I haven't really been walking long distances so it was a bit hard for me and my muscles. We had a reservation in Tornio City Hotel, and had a good nightsleep and good breakfast.
The next day we walked for 17km from Tornio to Kukkolankoski. There we had a warm welcome from people and sheeps and it was nice to get know those people. So thank you!
The third day was just from Kukkolankoski to Karunki. I decided to go back to Kemi by bus and get a one more night there and then go back to Helsinki.
The whole experience was great and I was really relaxed after that (but not my feet). So if you can, join Alain and walk with him for a while! It really is a good experience. I quarentee that you will have fun with him.

See you!

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