maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

DAYS 65-67

19/3....The next day, I contact Heikki Järvisto hwo is working for the concil with the youth. Sarianna Siren arrive at 4.30pm with the bus. Sarianna is a friend wich I know from the Kautokeino time( 1982; 83). She contact me few days ago, and decide to join me for the last part of this walk. WHY NOT. Heikki give us a place to stay at the youth house for the week end. It's a special week end . It's the Mariane day. During those days , a lot of things happen. Reinder race, traditionlal music festival, dancing, .....and more. I meet also, an old friend, Taisto Laakso from the same time. He is a champion at playing saw, like a violin. We enjoy the evening at his place, drinking, music and dancing.

20/3....bit crapula...Sarianna and I went to see the reinder race, enjoy the sun.

21/3....Mariane Paiva... resting day. Preparing the bags... very nice day

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