sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2010

DAY 46

1.3....Kemi. up at 7.30am, we have to pack everything. After the breackfast, Kirsi and I went on the road. Not too diffficult to find the way out of Kemi. After one week holidays, enjoying the castle, it's bit hard to walk again. 25km to do to Tornio. For Kirsi, it's first time walking long distance. We had many stops for cigarettes. I lke that. Alone, I dont stop so many time. a lot of snow on the path. very hard to walk. Not too cold. We arrive at Tornio in the afternoon, at 4.30, and went to the Kaupungin Hotelli, where we had a reservation made from MarikaTomminen, from the snow castle.

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