maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

DAY 64

18/3....again -30. Big plate of porridge wil do the long walk .27km to Enontekio, the last big village before Norway. Today, my leg hurts very badly. I have to stop many time. The weather is fine, blu sky, no wind, but cold even with the sun. I arrive in Enontekio bit kapput. The day before, I got a phone call from the Hettan Majatalo hotel, where I got a reservation for the night, offert by the Enontekio sanamat( Katia ). I meet a french guy, Victor, who leaves here, working with the tourist. I meet his girl friend Bigga, who invite me to her mother house for a dinner. A very good dinner, with smoked reinder meet, wine ,.... Back to the hotel, seeting by the fire place....

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