sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2010

DAY 47

2.3...At the hotel, we have a very good sleep. after a week on the sofa, finally a real bed. The breacfast buffet was fantastique. One of the best I ever see. full stomac, back on the raod for a easy day. 17km to do. -7 only, stong wind from the north and snowing. When we arrive at Kukkolankoski, we stop at Kukkolan-koski catering where we drink a cofe and bulla. We talk with the local people of the place, listen some storys, and continu to meet some friends of our Host. Petri Leinonen, Noora, Miika, and the dog Ebba welcome us. It's a little farm house with 250 sheeps After dinner, Petri brought us to our host for the night, at Jaako Heikkila house, and his wife Anne and the little baby girl, 2 and half month. Sorry, I forget her name. We have a very nice talk with Jaako, exellent dinner and wine. Kirsi got a very bad blister on the back of the right foot. wrong shoes.

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