maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

DAY 63

17/3...I went up staires for breacfast, and at 8.30am I took the road by -32 again. 25km to do.

After 7km, I stop in a souvenir shop where Sana Alatalo was expecting me. 50cents a cafe +pulla(kind of donuts). The best so far in Finland.Sana offert me a lot of clothes. New. A nice pull over, a warm skin hat, a pare of gloves,a trousers and a lot of pulla. Pieces of reinder meet too. Thank you Sana. She was so happy to give me all this. Me too. Still very cold and 18 km to do to Palojoensu. I arrive there, phone to my new host, and surprise, the person is not in the village. She is in Rovaniemi and will not be back today. Only few house in the village. I meet a yong woman with her young baby. I explain the situation, she invite me for a cafe, and after few phone calls around, she and her mother agree that I can spend the night in there house. Good. Very lucky. Thanks to Marjo Baas and her mother Irma. The baby Tuomas is smilling

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