sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2010

DAY 50

5.3....6.30 up, only -7 and it's look that there is no wind. Breacfast and Bye Bye to everybody. You must understand that it's very hard to leave a good home. so, I use to say Bye Bye very quick and run out. The road.
Today my host is at Kaulinranta, 21 km north.A tiny village by the Tornio river. On the other side is Sweeden. I arrive there at 1.30 pm Very easy walk . Aija Koskinen and Jari Suomela welcome me. The hobby
of Aija is to carve wood, build furniture. Very fine work. In theafternoon, I did some snow work, lapio and cola. A good glass of cognac to warm me up before the sauna, dinner and at 7pm , I went to bed.
I was very tired.

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