sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2010

DAY 49

4.3....Living Steven and his wife at 8am. 30km to do, -10, and still the wind.Not too strong. The scenary change a bit. Curves, hills, and pin trees.....and snow!! The next stop is Ylitornio, a small village with everything. I arrive there at 2pm. Fast and hard walk. Ilka Korva came to pick me up near the church. At his home, his wife Anne and there 3 childrens , Mikka, Juhana and Maija give me a nice welcome. Juhana (11) and Maija (9) ask me a lot of questions about my travel around the world. It wasd the first time they practice english. We had a good time.
After dinner and shower, went to bed very tired.

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