sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2010

DAY 48

3.3...Last day for Kirsi. She decide to go back to Kemi to finish her holidays, and visit some friends. We left the house of Jaako at 9am, -4 only, strong wind again. We arrive at Karunki at 11am, last place to find Mars bar. We had a cafe and pulla, last cigarette together, and Bye Bye Kirsi, it was nice from to walk with me. I enjoy your company. Back on the road alone, with the snow and strong wind. Still 15km to do. I almost get hit by a truck. He horn me at the last minute. I did not see him. I was walking my head bend, protect myself from the wind and snow, coming direct to my eyes,.Finally, at 2.30pm , i arrive to my host house. Steven Bratt and his wife Tuula welcome me. Steven was taking the snow of the roof. Very dangerous work. Steven Bratt is an artist, a peinter. I visit his workshop. Nice and big painting about Afgan war, soldiers.

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