maanantai 15. maaliskuuta 2010

DAY 55

9/3..At 9am, after breacfast, Pekka bring me back to the Tornio river road. Still 52 km to do for Kolari.
Impossible with my heavy bag and my bad leg. Difficult walk, long, and the km are not passing.
At 11.30, a phone call from Kolari, from a man name Sakari, hwo offert me to pick me up at around 4pm. I did walk up to that time , but not much km. Only 22. A friend of Sakari pick me up, because he was busy. He is an ambulance man. Actually, he own a ambulance company. When we arrive at his place, he brought me right away to a restaurant for a meal. Wery funny man and cool. His house, it's like a museum. He is a fan of Lappland tradition, he 's singing the " YOCK " like the saami people. Sauna, beers, watch bit TV and went to bed.

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