perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2010

DAYS 11-12

25.1. Marko drove me back to the station at 8am, and after few cafe and few cigarettes, I was ok to start for a long day again: I stop at Kattilajärvi after 33km. Cold day, -22 and little bit windy. While walking, I got a message to give me an address where to stop. It's a riding school. 20 horses, and cottages around in the wood. The owner, Mikko Puttonen offert me one of the cottage, with sauna. we spend the evening talking stories, and at the end, he offert me to stay one more day to rest. I offert him to help hom to clean the stabes. 26.1. resting day at the riding school. In the morning , I help Mikko , carrying horse shit out. It was a cold day. -25. Sauna, television, very good diner, beer.....and good sleep.

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