perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2010

DAY 13

27.1. from Jämsä to Korpilahti ( 32 km ) cold, cold cold, windy, windy windy..but still alive.
The trucks drivers are ok. When they see me, they move to the other side of the road when they can. I have only like 40cm wide space for walking. And it's snow and ice. It's a hard day. For a change, and the first time I went to a bar in Korpilahti, and meet the staff there. A young girl, Emilia, try to find some thing for me. A friend of her, Otto, after reading my paper, arrange a place where I can spend the night at a saunabuilding Tahtiniemi. That day, I have to buy my own food. Cookies, fruit, and yogurt.

Thanks to Otto Rahnasto

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