perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2010

DAY 15

29.1. Start walking from the house of Vesa and Pavi at 9.15am, not to cold,-15, but windy. Pavi decide to come with me for few km, to show me a short cut. A photograph from Keskisuomalainen newspaper come to take pictures while I'm walking. The day before I meet the journalist of this newspaper who invited me for lunch while the interview. The article shoul come out on the 30.1. This day was a short walk, 15 km, and I arrive in Jyvaskyla at 1pm. I contact Katreena, who offert me a place in her house few days ago.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Mr. Bezard,

    I made a post about your Finland adventure on my blog today. How long are you planning on staying in Jyväskylä? If you happen to stop by a bar called Vakiopaine, ask for Willie (thats me). I can buy you a beer and maybe help you find a place to spend the night. I'll be working today (Saturday) from 6 pm until midnight.

  2. Mr. Bezard,

    When you went by Niinicafe about 75 km nord from Jyväskylä.
    We will offer you meal in Niinikacafe, Viitasaari Niinilahti roat 75. We have had paid meal.

    Good journey Alain Bezard!

    Marja Ja Reino