perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2010

DAY 10

On the 24.1. Padasjoki to Kuhmoinen ( 30 km ) Same weather, it's seems that I'm lucky.
One more time, I stop at the petrol Station for a tea, that one was Neste Petrol station.
The owner, after he listened my story, tried to find me a place, he even offert me to sleep up the station. Mean whille, some body call me to give me a adress of a familly, but it 's 12 km of the road. The owner of the station propose to drive me there after closing time. 9pm.
When I arrive there, I had a wery warm welcome by Sirkku, Pertti and Marko, and offert me to stay in one of there cottage. After dinner, I went right away to sleep. It was a long day out. 9 hours.

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