keskiviikko 20. tammikuuta 2010


4th day: I left Mäntsälä around 9.30. I had my breakfast at a nice cafe and I felt really good to continue my walking. I walked to Hollola and started to search for a place to stay around 5pm. I was at Luhtikylä and it was already dark and no change to find a place. People were very strange and reserved. So i decided to continue walking. The sky was full of stars. But I was tired so I stopped every few km to rest. Around 7pm I was resting and a guy who lived nearby was wondering what I was doing out there. I explained what I’m doing. He said there’s no room inside but he offered me a small house that he is renovating. Inside there was +3 degree. I was very happy and tired after 35 km walking. I had a sauna, good meal and a long night sleep. The guy was called Heikki Lahtinen. I promised him that after my adventure I will come back and help him with his renovation.

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