perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2010

DAY 14

28.1. Korpilahti to Muurame, 16 km, easy day but freezing. It' not fguny to walk on the big road. At Muurame, I stop at the Shell station for a tea, and start talking with the staff. Nothing come out. So I decide to walk to the village, 2km out and went to the ravintola. The woman told me to wait the bingo time. Maybe some one will pick me up. Why not?? I got a phone call from Vesa Iikkanen, and told me that I can stay in there house. She come to pick me up
Her husband,Pavi, show me there big house, 2,and half floor, nice view to the lac, big windows, all modern....and a special eating system, 200 metters from the ground. We had a nice evening, telling stories, good diner and good wine. After a sauna, I went to sleep.

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  1. What is this "special eating system, 200 meters from the ground?" Pretty interesting...

    Wishing You good luck and happy adventure!
    Red the article on a newspaper Keskisuomalainen and found it interesting. If we people knew more about your trip there would certainly be a lot of help, bed and breakfast etc. for the road.